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 +===== The <attributeAssessment> Element =====
 +==== Definition and Usage ====
 +The [[attributeassessment|<attributeAssessment>]] element is used to define a variable to be
 +evaluated, in [[assessmentstatement|<assessmentStatement>]] elements, against other variable
 +values or an absolute value.
 +The variable can be a property specifies in a [[property|<property>]] element, or
 +can be a (presentation, selection or attribution) event attribute:
 +occurrences, repetition or state (which has the following values:
 +"occurring", "paused", or "sleeping").
 +The [[attributeassessment|<attributeAssessment>]]element has a //role// attribute, which
 +has to be unique in the connector role set.  This attribute is the connector
 +interface point, which is associated to node interfaces ([[port|<port>]],
 +[[area|<area>]], [[property|<property>]] or [[switchport|<switchPort>]] elements) by a [[link|<link>]]
 +that refers to the connector.
 +The variable defined by the element depends on its //eventType//
 +attribute and its //attributeType// attribute:
 +  * If the eventType value is "presentation", the //attributeType//
 +    attribute may specifyas variable:the "occurrences" or "repetition" event
 +    attributes,or the "state" event state.
 +  * If the eventType is "attribution" the //attributeType// may have the
 +    values:  "nodeProperty" (specifying a node property), "occurrences",
 +    "repetition" or "state".
 +  * If the eventType value is "selection", the [[attributeassessment|<attributeAssessment>]]can
 +    also define to which selection apparatus (for example, keyboard keys or
 +    remote control keys) it refers, through its //key// attribute.  The
 +    //attributeType// attribute may have the values:  "occurrences"
 +    (default) or "state".
 +An offset value may be added to an [[attributeassessment|<attributeAssessment>]] before its
 +comparison in an [[assessmentstatement|<assessmentStatement>]] element.  For example, an offset
 +may be added to an //attributeassessment// to specify: "the screen
 +vertical position plus 50 pixels".
 +==== Syntax ====
 +^ Element ^ Attributes ^ Content ^ Parent ^
 +| [[attributeassessment|<attributeAssessment>]] | __//role//__, __//eventType//__, //key//, //attributeType//, //offset// | -- | [[assessmentstatement|<assessmentStatement>]] |
 +==== Attributes ====
 +^ Name ^ Value ^ Description ^
 +| //role// | String. | The //role// attribute defines a connector interface point, which is associated to node interfaces by a link that refers to the connector.  The //role// value must be unique within the set of roles of the connector. |
 +| //eventType// | "presentation", "selection", or "attribution". | The //eventType// attribute identifies the type of event for the action or condition. |
 +| //key// | At least the following values (case sensitive) must be accepted for the key attribute: "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N", "O", "P", "Q", "R", "S", "T", "U", "V", "W", "X", "Y", "Z", "*", "#", "MENU", "INFO", "GUIDE", "CURSOR_DOWN", "CURSOR_LEFT", "CURSOR_RIGHT", "CURSOR_UP", "CHANNEL_DOWN", "CHANNEL_UP", "VOLUME_DOWN", "VOLUME_UP", "ENTER", "RED", "GREEN", "YELLOW", "BLUE", "BACK", "EXIT", "POWER", "REWIND", "STOP", "EJECT", "PLAY", "RECORD", and "PAUSE". | The //key// attribute identifies the selection key used for the selection. |
 +| //attributeType// | <html><p></html>"nodeProperty" (only in the case of //eventType//="attribution"), "occurrences", "repetition", or "state".<html></p></html><html><p></html>The default values are: "nodeProperty" if //eventType//="attribution", or "occurrences" if //eventType//="selection".<html></p></html> | The //attributeType// attribute identifies the variable to be evaluated in a [[assessmentstatement|<assessmentStatement>]] element. |
 +| //offset// | String. | The //offset// attribute specifies a value to be added to the selected variable before its evaluation in a [[assessmentstatement|<assessmentStatement>]] element. |
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