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 +===== The <importNCL> Element =====
 +==== Definition and Usage ====
 +The [[importncl|<importNCL>]] element allows for incorporating another NCL document
 +specification.  As a consequence, all bases defined inside the imported NCL
 +document, as well as the document [[body|<body>]] element, are imported, all at
 +once.  The bases will be treated as if each one is imported by [[importbase|<importBase>]]
 +elements.  The imported [[body|<body>]] element will be treated as a [[context|<context>]]
 +element.  It should be stressed that the [[importncl|<importNCL>]] element does not
 +“include” the referred NCL document but only makes the referred document
 +visible to have its components reused by the document that has defined the
 +[[importncl|<importNCL>]] element.  Thus, the imported [[body|<body>]], as well as any of its
 +contained nodes, may be reused inside the [[body|<body>]] element of the importing
 +NCL document.
 +The //documentURI// attribute of the [[importncl|<importNCL>]] element refers to a URI
 +corresponding to the NCL document to be imported.   The //alias// attribute
 +specifies a name to be used as prefix when referring to elements of this
 +imported document.  The reference must have the format: alias#element_id.  It
 +is important to note that the same alias should be used when referring to
 +elements defined in the indirectly imported document bases ([[regionbase|<regionBase>]],
 +[[connectorbase|<connectorBase>]], [[descriptorbase|<descriptorBase>]], etc.).
 +The import operation is transitive, that is, if baseA imports baseB that
 +imports baseC, then baseA imports baseC.  However, the alias defined for
 +baseC inside baseBis not considered by baseA.
 +==== Syntax ====
 +^ Element ^ Attributes ^ Content ^ Parent ^
 +| [[importncl|<importNCL>]] | __//alias//__, __//documentURI//__ | -- | [[importeddocumentbase|<importedDocumentBase>]] |
 +==== Attributes ====
 +^ Name ^ Value ^ Description ^
 +| //alias// | It may receive any string value that begins with a letter or an underscore and that only contains letters, digits, <".">, and <"_">. | The //alias// attribute specifies a name to be used as prefix when referring to elements of the imported base.  The //alias// value must be unique in a document ands its scope is constrained to the document that has defined the alias attribute. |
 +| //documentURI// | URI. | The //documentURI// attribute is the locator for the NCL document from where the base or document will be imported. |
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