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 +===== The <compoundAction> Element =====
 +==== Definition and Usage ====
 +The [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]] element defines a logical expression among its
 +child elements ([[simpleaction|<simpleAction>]], [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]]) by means of an
 +operator attribute that can receive the "par" or "seq" value.
 +Parallel ("par") and sequential ("seq") compound actions specify that the
 +execution of actions shall be performed in any order or in a specific order,
 +respectively.  When the sequential operator is used, actions shall be fired
 +in the specified order.  However, an action does not need to wait the
 +previous one to be finished.
 +A //delay// attribute may also be defined specifying that the compound
 +action must be applied after the specified delay.
 +==== Syntax ====
 +^ Element ^ Attributes ^ Content ^ Parent ^
 +| [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]] | __//operator//__, //delay// | ([[simpleaction|<simpleAction>]] <nowiki>|</nowiki> [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]])+ | [[causalconnector|<causalConnector>]] or [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]] |
 +==== Attributes ====
 +^ Name ^ Value ^ Description ^
 +| //operator// | "seq" or "par". The default value is "par". | The //operator// defines the order that actions must be applied in the [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]] child elements. |
 +| //delay// | <html><p></html>The //delay// attribute is be specified according with one of the following syntax:<html></p></html><html><ol></html><html><li class="level1"><div class="li"></html><"<nowiki>Hours:Minutes:Seconds.Fraction</nowiki>">, where "Hours" is an integer in the [0,23] interval, "Minutes" is an integer in the [0,59] interval, "Seconds" is an integer in the 0,59 interval, and "Fraction" is a positive integer,<html></div></li></html><html><li class="level1"><div class="li"></html>Seconds<"s">, where "Seconds" is a positive real number.<html></div></li></html><html></ol></html><html><p></html>The default value is "0s".<html></p></html> | The //delay// attribute defines a time delay to be waited before triggering the [[compoundaction|<compoundAction>]]. |
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